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Thinking of immigrating?

You will need help and we have contacts in each area who will be happy to help you with:
Housing market (reasonably priced); houses, farms and land for sale or rent.
The possibility of financial grants when starting your own firm.
Contact us:

Mona Kristin Stai Tingstad
+47 72 41 94 00

Toril Moen
+47 62 48 50 00

Erland Horten
+47 62 48 90 00

Jens Jørgen Jenssen
+47 62 49 10 00

Marius Jermstad
+47 72 41 76 00

Margrete Finstad or Karin Rugsveen
+47 62 46 85 00

Dorthe Iversen 
+47 62 49 65 00

Liv Tollan Ryen or Hege Narbuvoll 
+47 62 47 03 00

Welcome to Fjellregionen!

The total population of this region is 23.000 people. Many choose to live in this area of Norway because of its great natural beauty and because it combines many of the advantages normally found in larger communities but without the stress of city life. 

Scocial gathering for immigrants

Have you moved to Norway from a foreign country? Are you living, studying or working in Fjellregionen? Regionrådet for Fjellregionen welcomes you and your friends to a social gathering where you can meet other immigrants, politicians, representatives of voluntary organizations and new and old friends.

Date: Wednesday, February 25th.
Time: 18.30 - 21.00
Location: Tynset Kompetansesenter, Aumlivegen 4c. 2500 Tynset.

Free entrance, coffee and cakes.

Please note: - registration to by Tuesday February 24th, 2015


Read more here 


foto: Synnøve Finden ASThe work market in this region offers many career and employment opportunities. Travel distances are short between most places. We have a very low unemployment rate in the district.  Vacancies in Fjellregionen today.  (Norwegian) Read more about work in Norway here


foto: Ketil PlassgårdRøros is a world heritage site supported by UNESCO and one of Norway’s premiere tourist attractions. Many of the villages around Røros are of historical interest. We have several music festivals during the year with artists of international renown, there are also various clubs and organisations which include dancing, cinematography, wine tasting, culinary art, folk music and masses of sporting and cultural activity, etc.

Countryside and nature

foto: Jon Ola VoldenAlthough cold temperatures can reach as low as -40 c, the climate is very dry and fantastic skiing, ice fishing, and dog or horse sledding can be enjoyed throughout the winter months.  The summers are warm (12-28 c.) and fishing, hunting, mountain trekking (with or without horses), football and golfing activities are always available. The region has enormous national parks with reindeer, elk, grouse, ptarmigan, lynx, bear etc.